Complete sets can be viewed as high resolution (suitable for printing) or low resolution. Where no high resolution set is given the set is incomplete but a low resolution PDF of the incomplete set may be available.

Issue Title Typical packet PDFs Compare Ref
76UKSC 2013 Exchange - Windmills Highres -515kbLowres -148kb2013UKSC
60Puccino's 2009 (brown) Highres -791kbLowres -188kbList - File2009Puccb
60Puccino's 2009 (white) Highres -602kbLowres -140kbList - File2009Puccw
44Abstract Designs Highres -865kbLowres -204kb2004Abs
NSPCC Sugarthon (1995) Reissue (brown) Highres -412kbLowres -100kbList - File1995NSCRb