Lump Wrappers

Over the last few days nearly 200 packets have been added to the SUGARCAT databse. Most of these are scans of lump wrappers from Pam Miller’s collection.  This is in addition to more than 100  lump wrappers added in November.  See the “Added” page for a list of the batches of additions and links to show each.

When lump wrappers have been added the Tate and Lyle numbers list has also been updated.  The master version of this list is compiled by Pam Miller but it is hoped that the online list is consistent with it.  There 1,501 numbers which are known and 1,262 of these can be seen on the database. We do not know the wrappers for 1,077 other numbers though some of these must be wrappers on the database but with no number printed on them. In total there are 2,005 Tate and Lyle lump wrappers on the database. 

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