Organising a collection

As a person’s sugar packet collection grows they will need to  organise it in some way.  Whilst there may be different reasons people do this, three come to mind.

First, because it is what collectors do, it is probably in our genes, but generally we like to have such things organised and it gives us pleasure to see a well organised collection.

 Secondly, because it makes it all the more interesting when we show other people (though sadly not all the people we show see it this way).

Thirdly, unless you have a photographic memory a collector needs to be able to check new acquisitions against the existing collection and this means having a system which allows us to know quickly where we would have filed a particular packet if we already had it.

The problem, of course, is that no matter what system you adopt there are always going to be packets which don’t quite fit or might legitimately be filed in more than one place.

See the article from Sweet Thoughts 53 to see the different ways people organise their collections.

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A Animals & Birds

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E Transport

F Facts & Sayings

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H Buildings, Statues & Landmarks

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