Opening Packets

How do you open a Sugar Packet?

Use a sharp, thin blade such as a scalpel. Pierce only on the back and make a clean, small slit as close to the crimped edge as possible. Try not to tear or cut with scissors. Shake the sugar out and try not to wrinkle the packet. The cut should not show when mounted.

Wrappers which are glued, such as the French ones, need greater care and patience. Ease each one open gently with the back of a thin bladed knife, so that it does not cut the paper. Extract the sugar cubes as soon as possible and then each glued section can be gently eased apart with the fingers.

If it is only possible to open a packet by tearing, tear just a quarter of the way across and keep it whole. Try and keep all the pieces of a packet/wrapper as it is possible to repair it if a whole is unobtainable.

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