Different sorts of packets

The UKSC generally distinguishes four main times of sugar packet.

Lmp-Debenhams-whi-TLS2547C-soleLump - far fewer of these are produced today than was once the case.  The sugar is in lumps and the wrapper is printed on only one side folded around the lumps.  Generally the packet has two lumps.  Some lump wrappers, in particular most Tate & Lyle ones, have a manufacturers reference number on.


Sachet - by far the most common today.  The packet is usually sealed around all four edges by crimping.  Some sachets are a single piece of paper folded along both edges.   Sachets may have the same printing on both sides or be different.  Sometimes there are minor variations on one side, such as printers marks and numbers.


Flat Stick - the same principle as a sachet but long and thin.  They therefore have a crimped seal on all four edges and becuase of the relative size of the packet these take up far more of the space overall.  As with sachets the two faces can be identical, subtly different, or completely different.


Stick - this is a tube shaped packet, although once empty it will lie flat.  The tube is sealed at both ends and on the reverse.  The reverse seal is usually in the middle running along the length and thus there is a folded flap.  Generally only one side has significant writing or pictures on but the reverse often contains text given a name, website or other factual information.

However, packets can come in other shapes and sizes too, such as pyramids.

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