Buying and Selling

Does the Club buy or accept collections?

The club does not endorse the buying and selling of sugar packets as we wish to keep our hobby non-profit making. For this reason no value is put on any packet and we will not pay for any collection. If you wish to sell the packets we suggest you use an Internet auction site.

If you just wish to dispose of the packets and would like to donate them to our club, we are happy to accept them for distribution to members. We will refund any postage for packets sent in the UK, if required. If possible a member will arrange to collect the packets and they may then wish to keep some of the  packets to add to their own collection. The remainder of the collection will then be taken to next UKSC exchange meeting for members to look through.

Posted packets are normally sent to our membership secretary, Pam Miller, who has a substantial collection which she is always keen to supplement.

Please contact the Membership Secretary for further information.

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