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NUTSHELL roots go back to 1973 when the company started in coffee machine and vending supplies.  The business has grown steadily since that time and from 1987 the company has specialised in the manufacture and marketing of sugar portions. The range has expanded since that time so that Nutshell can now truly be called a "one-stop shop" for single portions.

The company is still a family business which engenders tremendous employee loyalty and a very low staff turnover.

NUTSHELL manufactures nearly a quarter of a billion individual portions per annum, as well as dozens of other lines, all in single portions which enable their customers to purchase a substantial amount of their requirements from one source.

This is all done from their UK base in Salisbury. They have a substantial foothold in many countries in Europe not the least of which are Ireland, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Generic designs are updated regularly. Many new designs are on the way especially in flat sticks, the fur, spot and stripe designs pictured on this page are examples of new designs now appearing on the market.

Nutshell Packaging-scan1

GENERIC SUGAR STICKS - Issued by Nutshell Packaging

These sugar sticks with designs in pairs (as mentioned in issue 36), have been printed in new colours. The white sugar sticks can be found with dark blue, green and silver backgrounds. The designs incorporate red with the three colours mentioned and the text in white.

Nutshell Packaging-scan2

(From Sweet Thoughts Issue 39 - August 2004)

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