Newsletter issue 77


UKSC is the first and only sugar packet collector's club in the UK.

Sucrologists collect the little packets of sugar you get when you order tea or coffee in a cafe or restaurant.  There are thousands of packets available in a number of different styles, shapes, designs and colours.

The public area of these pages contain information about how to go about collecting sugar packets and what packets are available.  There is information about our newsletter, some past articles and a demonstration version of the developing online catalogue, SUGARCAT.

If you are a collector, or would like to begin the hobby, we strongly encourage you to join the UKSC.

UKSC members receive a quarterly newsletter containing information about recent sets and packets together, with a range of articles of interest to collectors.

Members are also given access to the members’ area of the website which contains SUGARCAT our developing online catalogue of sugar packets, the new finds database, colour downloads of the newsletter, and printed pages of UK sets.

Members are also sent packets on a regular basis and can make use of the club's stocks.

Details of all updates to this site, both in the public area, the members’ area and SUGARCAT, are posted on the weblog, which you can access using RSS.

If you wish to discuss matters related to sugar packets then why not join our Yahoo Group.

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